06/06: The Step Father’s Club

06/06: The Step Father’s Club




Every family has a special blend.

This Two-act stage play is in its third run and welcomes special guests Saxophonist Adrian Justice and Gospel Recording Artist Fe’Fea White.

The Step Father’s Club is an intense journey of a faithful, upstanding man caught in the middle of his prominent wife’s resistance  to severing long overdue apron strings. Monologues and dialogues infused with the blues of sorrow, pride, wisdom, and forgiveness of family secrets.  Heart touching ups and downs as one son rebels and the other accepts support, guidance from a man standing in the gap.  Will faith and vows be enough to secure this professional couple can this “real” man’s love withstand the challenges of rejection for a position he is undertaking?
The Step Father’s Club in its third run will stir the heart of audiences as a family takes an up and down journey to blend with their faith and love intact.


Saturday, June 6, 2015 2pm & 6pm   Doors Open at 1pm & 5pm



Youth 17 and under $12.50
Senior/Red Hatter $15
General Admission $20