GS Parking -Permit Only Lot

GS Parking -Permit Only Lot

GS Monthly Parking Permit

Many of you may visit us daily or  just attend our events and park in GS Parking lot adjacent from our building.

Starting February 1, 2015 GS Parking lot will be converted to a MONTHLY-PERMIT only parking lot. GS Parking will no longer offer cash payment option at the fee box for daily parking.A Monthly parking permit is required for every vehicle that parks in that lot. They have authorized a tow company to tow any vehicle that parks in that lot without a permit. Vehicles without a monthly permit will be towed without warning at any time 24/7.The vehicle owner will be responsible for a GS Parking violation fee of $60 and other tow/storage fees charged by the tow company.

The current monthly permit rate is $105.00. If you are interested please contact GS Parking directly :

GS Parking PO Box 28194, Oakland, CA 94604

510-575-9986 or via email